Your Driving me (Tile) up the Wall

One thing that you will find when you let Studio Floors handle the design of your Winnipeg office or residential space by using flooring is that you may see some of your flooring make it the walls. A plank or linear tile isn’t just for the floor. You can take itRead More

Your Winnipeg Office Floor Design Says a Lot…

Choosing your Winnipeg office flooring is one of the most important decisions that you will make.  It says a lot about your company and what you stand for. Many Winnipeg business owners don’t understand the impact of a great office floor design, and simply choose the cheapest flooring possible, or something thatRead More

Using Flooring as your Main Design Element

When you think of design elements for your Winnipeg renovation or office redo, walls and trim are most often thought of as the first place where you can effect design.  Often overlooked as a design opportunity are the floors.  If you’re looking for a shift in your design thinking forRead More

Design your Living Space Featuring Flooring

If you are wondering how Studio stands apart from the Winnipeg flooring competition, you will find your answer right here. Design Redesigning your living or workspace can involve stress unless you hire a professional.  Most of us think that we will need the services of a professional designer to completeRead More

Vinyl Tile Sheds it’s Reputation for Cheap…

Vinyl’s reputation has been hard to shake.  Often seen as a cheaper product, the word “vinyl” often invokes images of a thin, cheap blanket of linoleum-like material that only serves as a poor excuse for a Winnipeg floor. That couldn’t be further from the truth when it comes to modern luxuryRead More

Studio Presents Flooring Trends for 2016

As we turn over a New Year in Winnipeg,  2016 trends will be exciting for commercial and residential flooring. Here are a few of the floor trends in Manitoba that we are following… Hyper natural: Wood styles that flaunt the natural imperfections and grain character of the raw material will beRead More

Commercial Flooring Do It Yourself Can Be a Costly Alternative

When you are considering cutting corners and installing your own commercial flooring, you may find pricing on carpeting, hardwood or tiles that will be too good to be true.  The fact is, it usually is.  In the interest of saving time and money, purchasing decisions are made without considering hiddenRead More

Luxury Planking from Studio opens up endless Possibilities…

With the advent of luxury plank vinyl flooring, the possibilities are almost endless. Perhaps you would like your Winnipeg office floor to have the texture of 200-year-old barn wood… or the swirling grain in a fruitwood bowl. The colours and textures that are now available from Studio Flooring is onlyRead More

If you are walking on it in Winnipeg… Chances are Studio Installed it

Some of Winnipeg’s most famous landmarks have flooring, carpet tile, or other specialty floor that has been installed by Studio Floors.   Most recently, Studio has done work on the Canadian Museum for Human Rights, Investors Group Field, as well as the new Women’s Hospital at the Health Sciences Centre. ManyRead More

Carpet Tiling So Easy for DIY’s

Installing Carpet Tile or Carpet Planks is now easier than ever.  Even a novice Do it Yourselfer should be able to finish a room the size of a large bedroom in an hour or two.  The tiles or planks for residential or commercial applications come in easy to handle boxes.  Read More