Design and Function with Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Luxury Vinyl Planking and Tile (LVP, LVT) have been around now for a few years.  It had been thought that everything that can be done with this unique flooring product has been done. Thanks to new manufacturing processes, Studio Floors are bringing large format tiles and tile planking to their LVT portfolio of products. This is exactly the direction predicted by trending designers over a year ago. Of all the products that make up the flooring sector, luxury vinyl tiles and wood-look planks are still commanding increased market share year over year.

Luxury Vinly Planking Winnipeg Flooring

LVT is a problem solver for Winnipeg business renovations and residential flooring needs. It’s tough enough to be used in high-traffic commercial settings. So residentially, it goes without saying that it is family and pet friendly. Resists scuffs, scratches, cleans with only a neutral pH cleaner and provides years of durability and ease of maintenance.

Manufacturers are now able to offer stunning facsimiles of the most beautiful natural stones and woods nature has to offer with stunning accuracy in LVP/LVT.  These products, installed with manufacturer-recommended adhesives, are undistinguishable from the real thing. No hollow sound when walking on it, warmer than real stone or tile, and offers some acoustic benefit as well. With a resume like that, it is no wonder this is the fastest growing product in the market.

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