Flooring Options Change with Design and Sustainability

Now, Studio Floors can offer multiple installation options for your commercial flooring project.  These include carpet, polished concrete, and resilient surfaces like cork, linoleum, rubber, and vinyl. In the last few years, however, luxury vinyl tile (LVT) and carpet tile have been carving out a bigger chunk of the Winnipeg commercial flooring market, especially against broadloom products. Proven performance, ease of maintenance, and design innovations are adding to their appeal for use in Manitoba schools and offices, and they are making inroads into nontraditional sectors like healthcare as well.

What’s Gaining in the Commercial Flooring Market?

Resilient flooring has gained market share over the last several years. In 2017, resilient flooring will comprised of almost 20% of the   North American commercial flooring market, compared to just 13% 10 years ago.  Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT), in particular, is capturing some share from more high-cost, labor-intensive categories like ceramic and stone.

Studio LVT for Winnipeg

Some of the reason for the growth in LVT in the Winnipeg commercial flooring space is that manufacturers are bringing great new organic-type visuals to the products.   For example, some LVT products can now simulate grout lines, tumbled edges, and other details that mimic natural stone.

Sustainability remains the overarching theme with commercial flooring. Many manufacturers have been eager to certify their products “green” and have also introduce recycling programs.

Studio endorses flooring products that have thought about the full life cycle impact of their flooring product.  We want to make a smaller impact on the planet when we install Winnipeg’s best flooring options.

Winnipeg Designers are responding to the industry’s sustainability message. Many commercial and residential designers will  try to go with the greenest alternative with any type of flooring.  Flooring design for Winnipeg will be specifying a lot of vinyl composition tile (VCT) as this product emits a low level of volatile organic compounds.

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