Let your Flooring Lead in the Design

Move over plain white and beige floor tiles! Today’s floor tile designs feature exciting and bold patterns and are being used in fresh new ways to create stunning interior design schemes.


Whether you opt for the traditional tiles  or other patterned tiles, the key to pulling off this fresh new look is to let the tiles be the ‘hero’ of the room and working simple, streamlined, architectural furniture and lighting pieces into the space.  This creates a modern look packed with character and artistic flair, with the patterned tiles adding a sense of nostalgia and quality craftsmanship to the design.

Studio Floors are the experts in Winnipeg flooring.  They can show you how flooring can save on your overall renovation budget by letting the floor do the talking.

Whether your project is commercial or residential, Studio Flooring creates a vision for you that will deliver  a space that your circle won’t be able to stop talking about.

Whether your choice is ceramic tile, luxury vinyl planks, or traditional flooring surfaces, Studio Floors can offers a complimentary design consult to show you we are serious about delivering flooring options for every taste and budget.

There are so many wonderful flooring designs available today and plenty of new ways to incorporate them into a home, whilst keeping the look fresh, modern and exciting.