Luxury Planking from Studio opens up endless Possibilities…

With the advent of luxury plank vinyl flooring, the possibilities are almost endless. Perhaps you would like your Winnipeg office floor to have the texture of 200-year-old barn wood… or the swirling grain in a fruitwood bowl. The colours and textures that are now available from Studio Flooring is only limited by your inspiration.

Studio Floors Vinyl planks
Let’s look at why vinyl planking has opened up so many new opportunities for your Winnipeg flooring project.
Beautiful Designs – these new floors have vibrant hardwood and stone colors, along with textures that add beauty to any room. Authentic plank lengths with beveled edges and ends make the visuals for these floors look incredibly natural.
Performance – Vinyl plank floors are waterproof, so you can install them in high-moisture areas, including bathrooms, kitchens, and laundry rooms. Besides being waterproof, these floors have a durable top layer with enhanced coatings that help it resist scratches and wear.
Easy Installation – Expert Studio installers will have your floor done in a flash. There is no need for complicated tools or adhesives, and these floors install over virtually any subfloor on any level of your home.

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