Carpet Tiling So Easy for DIY’s

Installing Carpet Tile or Carpet Planks is now easier than ever.  Even a novice Do it Yourselfer should be able to finish a room the size of a large bedroom in an hour or two.  The tiles or planks for residential or commercial applications come in easy to handle boxes.   Compared to trying to manhandle a roll of carpet, this is a breeze!   Simply start in a square corner and begin laying the tile one after another.   Most manufacturers supply you with clear sticky labels that make the carpet installation secure.   At every junction, apply a label to the bottom of the carpet to hold it in place.  When you get to the wall, cut the tile to fit.  Start with a full tile for the next row, and use the piece that you cut from the previous row as your end piece for the new row.  This minimizes waste as well as gives you an interesting random pattern.   It is really just as simple as that.  You may need to do a little fiddling for closets and door ways, but compared to carpet rolls and awkward installation, this is very user-friendly.   You can even work around furniture by simply moving the furniture to the finished area of tile and then replacing when you cover that area.   Contact Studio Floors today to learn more about carpet and flooring installation options for your Manitoba or Winnipeg residence or business.