Studio Presents Flooring Trends for 2016

As we turn over a New Year in Winnipeg,  2016 trends will be exciting for commercial and residential flooring.

Here are a few of the floor trends in Manitoba that we are following…

Hyper natural: Wood styles that flaunt the natural imperfections and grain character of the raw material will be in vogue in 2016.  Saying no to engineered perfection, consumers will want to surround themselves with flooring products that are more natural, bringing  them closer to nature, but with an authentic feel.  A natural, rustic appearance does not only apply to solid wood flooring; laminates, inkjet-printed porcelain and incredibly realistic LVT can also give the appearance of natural options.

Flooring Trends Studio Floors 2016
Gray: Gray is the new beige.  This is not a fad fashion color, but a new classic color with customer appeal that will continue for many years. Wood and wood-look flooring in gray tones can be used to  provide the foundation for on-trend industrial or urban styles and a myriad of modern styles from Scandinavian to new minimalism. Of course, concrete also fits into the gray color family, and just as with the hyper-natural trend, it does not necessarily need to be the “real thing.” High-definition, inkjet-printed porcelain tiles give end users the desired concrete look with the performance and durability of porcelain tile.
Reclaimed: Products that have a story to tell, have been previously used and are repurposed or vintage resonate with consumers. In flooring this equates to a distressed appearance with signs of wear and aging. It is a timeworn aesthetic that hinges on a weathered look and also advocates the mixing of varied woods and/or wood tones across a floor.
Mixed-width formats: In line with the trend for reclaimed flooring styles comes an interest in incorporating a mix of plank widths across a floor.  Think of how your office could stand out with this look! This move away from uniformity is an important trend both for commercial and residential flooring for 2016.
Dark and blonde wood: Both dark and blonde wood tones are currently trending and will continue for several more years, so Studio can help you with offerings at both ends of the shade spectrum. The deep, dramatic espresso tones of walnut give a glamorous heritage look, while blonde tones of oak, maple and ash appeal to customers looking to achieve modern styles.

If you want to start you own trend, Studio can help with that as well.  Our specialty is being different. Express yourself through your flooring.  Be bold in 2016!