Use your Floor Design and Colour to Put you in the Mood

It’s no surprise that colour is a main component of how we experience the world around us. But, what may be surprising to some is the fact that that the colors in our environment have a definitive effect on or moods and emotions. As you begin to conceptualize your Winnipeg  flooring and interior design needs, make sure that you are using colours in ways that fit with the tone you want to create in the space.

Studio Flooring and positve design energy

Though there is some debate regarding the implications of certain colour shades, researchers, interior designers and marketing professionals seem to agree on these basic tenants:

  • Red: Symbolizes power and passion. It can be used to warm up spaces and make them feel more intimate.
  • Orange: Offers a jolt of energy and innovation. It’s best used as an accent because too much can leave people feeling overwhelmed.
  • Yellow: Associated with happiness, creation, and creativity. It works well in combination with a calming neutral and in rooms with lots of natural light to create a peaceful environment.
  • Green: Known for its soothing qualities. Green is the perfect choice for a foyer or entryway because it eases the transition from the outdoors.
  • Blue: Perpetuates feelings of calm and freshness. It’s a good fit for high traffic areas like kitchens and bathrooms.
  • Purple: Connotes royalty and luxury. Purple is a great choice for formal living rooms or master bedrooms because it adds an air of lush sophistication.
  • Gray: Gives a sense of relaxation and serenity. Use gray in spaces like home offices or bathrooms.
  • Brown: Like green, brown’s natural roots give it a relaxing touch. Choose it for rooms where the family gathers and furniture groupings that will incite conversation.
  • Black: An assertion of power. Use black for statement pieces that you want to draw the eye.
  • White: Relates a sense of cleanliness and purity. It is great for defining a space, but use white in conjunction with other colors since too much reads as sterile.

Remember, Studio Flooring is there for you when you are choosing which colours to include in your interior.  Think in terms of three rather than one. Choose a neutral for the largest items like walls and flooring, a calmer color for furniture and other sturdy items. Then, pick a third more dramatic colour to pop in your statement accessories and décor.

Studio Flooring design using flooring

You can use accents in your flooring like insets of vinyl planks or ceramic tile that can really bring energy out of your floor.

For your Winnipeg interior design needs for your office or home, turn to Studio Flooring for a complimentary consultation.