Using Flooring as your Main Design Element

When you think of design elements for your Winnipeg renovation or office redo, walls and trim are most often thought of as the first place where you can effect design.  Often overlooked as a design opportunity are the floors.  If you’re looking for a shift in your design thinking for your Manitoba renovation project, here are three flooring treatments that Studio floors can help with  to really add POP to a room.

Go deep for more height. Successful architectural design always takes human scale into consideration. We want to fit the proportions of our home or office projects.  Colour can help adjust the visual perception of the height of a space, especially in areas of a house or office that are not part of the original floor plan.  Want to make the space look deeper?  Use rich dark colours to  saturate the flooring surface to create this effect.

Low Ceiling Room with Bold Floor

Use white to quiet a room. Visual distraction and clutter can take away from the calm you want in a room that will host client meetings or  quiet contemplation or conversation.  By selecting a white-finished floorboard, close in color to the walls, the perimeter of the room is diminished and the space opens up to present a feeling of stillness.

White room with white floor

Let unusual colors become neutrals. In a small house or office space, the floor is a good place to put saturated color. A hefty hue taken in from overhead is less dramatic than surrounding your peripheral vision with it. Strong color on walls will appear to come forward and diminish the space.

colour on Floor

When flooring is stained or painted an unusual color and used throughout the home or office, it becomes neutral. It may seem counterintuitive, but the more you use an unexpected color, the less out of the ordinary it becomes.

For more design ideas that feature flooring, give the Studio Floors team a call for a complimentary consultation.