Will What Worked in 2016 in Winnipeg Flooring Work in 2017?

As we begin 2017, let’s review what were the main substrates in Winnipeg commercial flooring for 2016 and project if they will be a dominant players in what make up Winnipeg flooring in 2017.

2017 Winnipeg office flooring

2017 Winnipeg office flooring

Carpet Tile

As more and more options in room design are being generated, carpet tile continues to be fueled as a top Manitoba flooring product.   Carpet tiles can be installed easier than traditional broadloom and is Eco friendly. Carpet tiles can accommodate a variety of shaped rooms and can decrease the amount of waste on a project.

Carpet tile is also easily replaceable. For instance, if one tile is damaged, it can easily be removed and a new tile will take its place, making it extremely attractive and viable for large Winnipeg flooring projects.

Leading your office design with a carpet tile pattern can create a specific mood that you want to set for your Winnipeg business.  The multitude of designs and ability to change patterns can create the perfect business setting.   Above all, with its attractive price and easy installation process, carpet tile continues to be a top choice for Winnipeg business renovations.

Luxury Vinyl

Another top performer in 2016 Manitoba flooring was Luxury vinyl tile (LVT).

LVT is luxury vinyl tile and is  an ideal choice for Winnipeg commercial or residential renovations. Luxury vinyl comes in all different designs and styles, including hardwood flooring looks and natural stone looks. LVT is highly versatile and can imitate other expensive flooring looks at a fraction of the price, appealing to cost savvy Winnipeg consumers.  It can be waxed but in most settings, it is not necessary or required. Luxury vinyl’s placement as a top Winnipeg commercial flooring trend doesn’t appear to be vanishing any time soon.



While eco-friendly flooring helps the environment, it is also highly resilient, durable, and is now coming in a variety of options, such as bamboo, concrete, cork, hardwood, modern linoleum, rubber, and wool.  Studio Flooring promotes these innovative platforms as highly effective resource utilization  while saving time, money, and energy. The key is to make sure the proper flooring product is being specified for the correct areas in a Winnipeg building.

Who will be the flooring winner in 2017?   You will be the judge by letting Studio help you to explore the options with a complimentary floor design consultation.