Your Driving me (Tile) up the Wall

One thing that you will find when you let Studio Floors handle the design of your Winnipeg office or residential space by using flooring is that you may see some of your flooring make it the walls.

Flooring as a design

A plank or linear tile isn’t just for the floor. You can takeĀ it up a wall to create an artistic focal point. For example, it looks great as the background of a bed or as a fireplace surround. As it continues up from the floor, it creates an elongating floor-meets-ceiling effect for an impressive finish. No matter what your tile style is, this is a great way to add some flair and personality into your residential or office renovation.

The right plank or linear floor tile can perfectly change the visual appeal of your space. So if you’re looking to create a room that your clients or guests will be talking about, the wall may be the next place to add flooring.