2018 – Year of the Plank.

Studio Floors wishes you a great 2018!

As we begin the journey into a new year, we just wanted to share with you what our thoughts are for one of the trends that we expect to continue in commercial flooring.

2018 will be the year of the plank.

More specifically, 2018 will be the year of the Luxury Vinyl Plank.  We are finding that more and more Winnipeg office renovation projects and using vinyl planking for their choice of designer flooring.  There are many reasons why this is happening, but you will not find a more durable, easy to install, cost effective floor than one done with vinyl planking.  Not to mention the finished product would bring a smile to any designer’s face!

Winnipeg Luxury Vinyl Plank

The days of outdated 1980’s vinyl are behind us and now.  You can find a luxury plank vinyl solution in almost any style.  Wood-look vinyl has also become increasingly popular for Manitoba commercial floors. Have you noticed that all of the sudden your favorite restaurants and grocery stores are getting updated with floors that look like real hardwood planks?

If it was real wood, it would be a maintenance problem with all the traffic caused spills and scratches. Guaranteed, this is  a luxury vinyl plank installation.  This is the beauty of luxury wood looking vinyl planking.  Tough, easy to install, and will definitely keep on looking great despite high traffic volumes.

If you are looking for the best commercial flooring contractor for your next remodel, consider  Studio Floors.   Let Studio show you how Luxury Vinyl Planking can not only look great, but be the most cost effective choice for your floor.