4 Mistakes You Will Make on Your Next Commercial Flooring Project

Studio Floors has seen it all when it comes to commercial flooring.  We are often called in to quote on a commercial flooring or renovation project after only a few years of use from the existing floor that was installed by a different Winnipeg flooring contractor.

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Here are 4 common mistakes that we see over and over when we are asked to bid on a Manitoba commercial flooring project.

  1. Wrong Floor Choice for your Work Environment. Many Winnipeg businesses may have got some interior design ideas and not realized that the floor choice may look beautiful, but it is not practical for day to day use.  For example, what if you have an open concept with people working beside each other. Hardwood flooring would be a poor choice because it is much louder than carpet or another quieter substrate. Your employees may also develop leg strain as the flooring choice does not offer cushion for those who like to work standing up.


  1. Lacking Durability. Assessing your traffic flow in your office space is important to ensure that high traffic areas have a flooring choice that is durable enough to handle the traffic. When we are quoting on a Winnipeg commercial flooring project, we will see the wear areas that represent the high traffic. If this was thought of before the installation, steps could be taken to ensure the durability of choice for the high traffic areas.


  1. Overlooking Maintenance. Some flooring choices may be great for looks and durability, but require an excessive amount of care to maintain their look and feel. This can really add up over the lifetime of your flooring investment.


  1. Understanding the Lifetime Cost. If you have to replace your floor in your office every 6 years instead of every 9 years, it’s not hard to understand why you would want to spend a little more to extend the life of your flooring project. This is where dealing with professionals really adds value to the flooring equation.  The experts at Studio Flooring have the experience and insight to create a flooring project that covers all the bases for your needs.


Talk to Studio today get a complimentary flooring consultation to ensure that you get the value that you deserve for your next flooring project. Deal with Winnipeg’s best flooring contractor.