Is a Great Floor worth an extra $.25 per day?

When you are considering renovation of your Winnipeg office or home,  you need to put things into perspective as far as budgeting is concerned.  Sometimes the price between great and good may seem a lot, but in reality, it may only amount to pennies a day.

Flooring means so much to a design.  A great floor will set the foundation for a solid design that can make the difference between OK and Wow.   When you think about, wow is what will attract all the right energy to your office.

2017 Winnipeg office flooring

2017 Winnipeg office flooring

Staff will feel better about their environment if you have done a little extra on the design and quality of your floor.  Recruiting new staff will be better if you present the right image when they step through the door.

Clients will have a better feeling about you and the services that you provide if the environment is stunning rather than ho-hum.

If you think of your flooring in terms of a 10 year life cycle.  It will amount to virtually nothing to have a fantastic flooring and design experience rather than something that is quickly forgotten.

When you are considering an office reno, give Studio a call for a complimentary design consultation.  They will show you flooring options that will hit it out of the park.