Why Studio is the Commercial Flooring Leader in Winnipeg

What does it take to be the best?

It boils down to a commitment to treat people the way you want to be treated and to create some unexpected value with every transaction.  It’s no wonder why Studio Floors is the leader in Winnipeg for commercial flooring.  Here’s the top three reasons why Studio should be your choice for your next Manitoba renovation or build that involves a new floor.

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Taking the Long Approach

Every flooring project that Studio handles is built to last.  They share with you the process that they need to take to ensure that your floor will be great many years into the future.  Cutting corners is not an option.  They want you be as ecstatic about your floor in 10 years as you are the first day you walk on it.  It’s no wonder that they have been successfully servicing the market for decades.  Customers remember the great work.

Providing the Options you Expect

It seems like the experts at Studio have the bases covered when providing flooring options for every project.  They are current with the latest design trends and environmental options and carefully consider your needs before recommending a solution.  Even if you need your flooring done tomorrow, they have a well stocked warehouse that can usually provide a solution that works on short notice.

Providing Unexpected Value

You don’t really expect your flooring professional to be able to assist you with the overall design of your work or living space.  Every project is a work of art.  The experts at Studio enjoy helping you to choose wall colours and treatments.  I’ve even seen examples of them shopping with customers for artwork and accessories to create the perfect look for your project.

When you think of flooring for your Winnipeg project, think of Studio.  There is a reason why they are #1. Contact Studio for complimentary flooring consultation today.